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www.misopeckish.comSo I was on a mission to find a delicious burger for lunch, but stumbled upon Dumpling Company serving a selection of house made different flavoured dumplings which I thought was not too bad for value.


The decor is very simplistic as you would expect for a small takeaway joint with a few tables.  But most importantly it is clean.  The menu is fairly simple, were majority of the  food is its name sake – dumplings.



Pork and Chives dumplings in Chilli Oil – there is a good selection of flavoured dumplings from pork to chicken to beef etc…  I opted for something more classical.   the dumplings itself were of a  good size with a good amount of meat, but having a few of the popcorn calamari, I thought the dumplings had no taste.  The down side to this is that you can only select one flavour of dumplings.


Popcorn Calamari with Curry Powder – in comparison to the  the dumplings, these were rather salty, perhaps to the point where I found eating my dumplings to be tasteless.   I do admire how each of the calamari were crispy, as at some places you generally get soggy pieces especially the ones that are sitting at the bottom of the plate


In hind sight, I think the most worth while/value dish is the 16 dumplings ofr $14 where you can choose to have a selection of flavoured dumplings.

Dear reader, where do you go for your dumpling fix?

Location:  Shop 3a, 100 Willis Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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