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www.misopeckish.comBeing hugely unsatisfied with my first WOAP burger, I was on a mission to get my WOAP burger craving satisfied.   I stumbled upon this burger due to it’s close proximity to the office as I was walking past in seek of some lunch

It’s namesake refers to a ‘roof top bar’, I certainly did not see one, or perhaps there is but you just need to know how to access it?!?  I dined in the downstairs bar with every other lunchtime goer.

This bar is relatively dark where its decor transport you to a ranch/wood cabin, where its bar is made up of expose stacks of chopped wood which is definitely different to all the other bars around Wellington.

Shorty Will You Marrow Me – Slow-braised beef short rib, beetroot chutney, smoked bone marrow butter and Monterey Jack cheddar in a Zaida’s kawakawa milk bun, with shoestring fries and bone marrow mayonnaise (NF).  The burger was definitely much better than the last one I had.  The braised shortrib was succulent and they certainly were not skimping on it.  The beetroot chutney did not add much in terms of flavours to the burger as I would have hoped.  I could not taste the smoke bone marrow butter either, but certainly tasted the bone marrow in the mayonnaise.   The fries themselves were golden and crunchy.  I can see that it is a bit of pot luck with regards to how many fries you get as I did see some burger pass me with slightly less fries than myself.










Dear reader, have you tried this WOAP burger yet?  What are your thoughts on this?  Have you had a burger with recommending that I should try before WOAP finishes?

Location: 166 Willis Street, Wellington

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