Egmont St Eatery – WOAP

www.misopeckish.comThis was the only burger in the entire WOAP menu that stood out within my eyes.   Crayfish and prawns.  who could say no to that? certainly not I.   I had attempted to  dine here on Monday lunchtime. but was dissapointed when I arrived too ee a queue of people out the front door.  My friend and I decided to head somewhere else as it was raining and we were not interested in queuing.

So I decided to go bright and early in the morning for breakfast as you may call it (before I went into work).   At that time of day, there certainly were no queues and I was able to get a table without any issues.

Fillet o Cray – Crumbed crayfish and squid, crayfish tartare, housemade cheese, steamed bun, served with pāua salt dusted shoestring fries –  Not knowing you can add extras such as shaved truffle and additional crayfish I thought I would take the truffle route, just because it is not very often do you get fresh truffle  in Wellington.  I was actually expecting half a crayfish tail in my burger, but as it arrived, the burger itself reminded me of the Fillet’o’Fish burger that you get from McDonalds, where the patty itself was square, crumbed and deep fried.  the crayfish was minced to gather with he prawns, and I was struggling to see and taste the crayfish.     The upside is that the burger patty was cooked fresh, where I had burnt my lip when I took my first bite.

To be all honest paying an additional $10 for a smitten of shaved truffle is a waste of money, so I would not recommend that option, unless you have money to burn.    The fries that were meant to be papa salt dusted, was very lightly salted, I too was struggle to taste the papa salt, in the end i ended up sprinkling more table salt on my chips

Quite disappointed in the burger especially spending that additional $10 made it not worthwhile at all.

Dear reader, have you tried this burger? what are your thoughts on it?

Location:   11 Egmont St, Te Aro, Wellington

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