www.misopeckish.comTucked away in the unassuming suburb of Haitaitai lies a new-ish yet popular eatery – Bambuchi, serving a selection of small and large plates designed for sharing.  What drew me to this place were it’s aesthetically pleasing dishes

The restaurant is small so seating is tight and can get quite noisy especially during peak dinner service.  The decor of this place is interesting with the palm type trees and the budda like ornaments that act as shelving stands behind the bar.

We made a reservation ahead of time to avoid disappointment – which was actually a good decision as the restaurant was packed out with people dining and people propping up themselves at the bar


Complimentary In-house Baked Breads w Miso Cream Butter – the breads were nice and soft – would have been nice if they had been warmed

Macerated Mushrooms|Truffle|Flaxseed|Pickled Onion|Capers – this was my highlight dish of the evening.  The truffle oil definitely was not used sparingly in this dish.  the mushrooms itself and as I was hoping it to be a mixed selection of exotic mushrooms ended up to be diced white button mushrooms. served with some house made wafers giving it a nice crunchy element to the dish.

Cauliflower|Golden Raisin|Spiced Oil|Curry Leaf|Lemon Creme – roasted cauliflower was simply delicious especially with the inclusion of the sweet raisins.   Mr Wasabi who is generally not a fan of cauliflower thought the dish was surprisingly tasty.

Hassleback Potatoes – were delicious- well seasoned and oiled.    I was hoping that we would have saved enough for our mains, but alas, they were all gone by the time the mains had arrived.

Smoked Lamb Rump|Pickled Cabbage|Heirloom Carrot – was good.  I personally did not think much of it, however Mr Wasabi though it was quite a nice dish.  The lamb was pink, tender and nicely seasoned.

Roasted Day Boat Fish|Artichoke|Mushroom|Nashi|Sea Greens – Today’s fish was snapper.   I would not say that the fish was pan roasted.   but certainly was succulent the mushrooms were a small selection of shitake and oyster mushrooms (the exotic blend) rather than your brown field mushrooms or your ordinary white button mushrooms

New Season Tamarillo|Almond|Vanilla|Orange – was an interesting dessert.  it was basically a whole poached tamarillo served with a mound of cream like mousse, which in my humble opinion could had been a little stiffer some some house made wafers.  as a whole I thought the dish was delicious. but  did not look very aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

The one down side with this restaurant is that the kitchen was  not a property kitchen as the chef were cooking over a portable gas element with no proper fan extractor to suck out all the cooking odours, which mean the people sitting quite close to the kitchen at the back of the restaurant would suffer  from the bad cooking smells like ourselves.   I could smell my clothes reeking as soon as we left the restaurant.

With that exception in mind, I thought dinner was delicious and enjoyable, the restaurant was a bit noisy at times, but definitely relaxing.

Location:  31a Waitoa Rd, Hataitai, Wellington

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