Legato Espresso Cafe – Cheese Scone

Legato - CounterfoodI thought I might write up another cheese scone review, seen there are a few cafe around my work place who self raves about their cheese scones.

Since I was in town early in the morning, I took the liberty to grabbing a coffee and cheese scone to take away.

Legato is on the ground floor of an office building, which I suspect most of the patrons here are those that work closeby – perhaps the building on top.  The cafe certainly has a lot of space in comparsion to other cafes that tend to cram as many tables as they can.    I thought the cafe was very welcoming and relaxed.

Flat White – Legato uses a local coffee roaster – Supreme, which is one of my favourite local roasters.   The coffee was good.

Legato - Espresso counter

Cheese Scone – Unfortunately I was not asked whether I would like my cheese scone to be warmed nor toasted.   When I got to the office, the toaster was being used, so I decided to heat it in the mircowave for a few seconds.  After smearing some butter on it I was all good to go.   After a few mouthfuls, the cheese scone seemed very similar to that from Smith the Grocers where it was a bit gritty and slightly dense.   I was a bit disappointed, as I have heard from a few people that their cheese scones were quite good.


I do not think  I will return again for their cheese scones, just the fact that I know of a good place just around the corner from them.

Dear reader, have you had Legato’s cheese scones?  What are your opinions on them?  Do you have a preferred?

Location:  1 Willeston St, Wellington

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