www.misopeckish.comTo be all honest, when my best friend S was in town, I was umming and ahhhing where to go for dinner, as I had not been out for a while and had lost touch with the comings and goings in the Wellington dining scene and had to ask some of my colleagues where to dine. of which one suggest Sheperd, which had recently opened last year.Sheperd  is located down Eva Street, what you would call a ‘hipster’ area.   Which is owned by the same people behind Leeds St Bakery and Ti Kouka Cafe.

Our seats were at the bar which mean we saw each of the dishes go out seeing how aesthetically pleasing some dishes were which was a good base to base our meal decision on.

Sheperd’s menu changes daily depending what the weather brings in and lucky for use there were a number of interesting things on the menu both to our liking.  Due to our late reservation the earliest time slot i could get was 8.15pm, which meant both S and I were hungry and S decided to grab a pre dinner bite, so S was not very hungry by the time we had arrived and I was starving.  I decided to order a number of small dishes


  • Natural
  • Chardonnay vinegar, shallot, cream – did not appreciate this one, as the flavours overpowered the oyster itself.
  • Crunchy Korean fired, Kimchi aioli

Steamed Milk Pikelet – mushroom pate, pickled walnuts, balsamic – the worst dish of the evening.. I was thinking of a steamed pikelet to be light and fluffy and flat like a pancake, but it was molded into a cone shape, where the mushroom pate and pickled walnuts were placed on top like a snow capped mountain.   what got to me was the texture of the pikelet.  It was stodgy and chewy.    definitely not to my liking

Salmon Tartare on rye, black truffle, chives, kimchi aioli – definitely could taste the delicious truffle and and the freshly diced salmon, it was relatively desicious.  I personally think the rye bread should have been slightly crispier to give it the crunch that this dish needed.

Pan Fried Fish, belga lentils, pickled kohlrabi, yuzu wasabi dressing, chowder foam – the fish this evening was snapper.    It was cooked perfectly,  the dish actually reminded me of the fish dish that you get at Ti Kouka, where a fish sits on a  bed of grains then a dresing/sauce/foam is poured around the grains.  Good dish, but to be all honest,  if they could come up with a different dish that did not remine me of the Ti Kouka dish would have been good.

Beef Two Ways – Braised, and corned, plum BBQ, red cabbage, truffled brie, fried pickle  The plum BBQ sauce was interesting – thick, sticky, sweet but tart.   The corned beef was a bit tough for my liking.   Not the best dish of the evening I must say.

Rye Sourdough Dougnuts, plum mousse, smokked beetoot Caramel, passionfruit curd, sour cream – the worst doughnuts I have ever had.   Whta is the point in having sourdough doughnuts.  Sourdough is not famed for it’s airyness, but more of a heavy weighted bread.    Both S and I took a bite and though it was far to heavy.   I certainly will not be returning again to order this dish.   The combination of flavours of the smoked beetroot caramel and passionfuuit curd was quite night, a bit of tart and sweetness went well together.

Shepperd seems to be quite a ‘hipster’ restaurant, very noisy, but also very friendly.   Will defintiely return again – assuming the menu favours my tastebuds.

Dear reader, have you dine here? what are your thoughts?

Location: 1/5 Eva St, Te Aro, Wellington

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