Sixes and Sevens

www.misopeckish.comWow what a find! Sixes and Sevens now resides what use to be a Cuban Cafe.

I personally found this place very relaxing, especially when you are seated at one of the bench style seats, with a paper in hand and a coffee on a wet day

I arrived mid morning to a packed house of coffee goers. Lucky for me people were starting to head back to work, freeing up some tables where I planted myself.

Sixes and Sevens offers a variety of sweet and savoury counterfood items, including sandwiches, salads, sweet slices and most importantly doughnuts.  I think they would be the only cafe in town offering the largest variety in terms of various flavoured doughnuts which certainly appealed to my eyes.

Flat White – coffee beans by Skunk Coffee Works, a local coffee roaster based in Lyall Ball.   The coffee was a bit weak for my liking but certainly was welcoming especially having a broken sleep due to Mr Wasabi snoring his head off last night.

Toffee Apple Doughnut – soft, airy doughnut filled with a delicious sweet chopped up stew apple with a creamy filling.  My preference is having the filling injected into the doughnuts, rather than the doughnuts being cut in half with the cream sandwiched in between the bun which some places serve.    I think I could have consumed another one if it was not my conscious telling me not to.

Beef Burrito – filled with small chopped up bits of beef, rice, jalapeno peppers, tomatoes.   This was ok, but not the best I have had, think I will opt for a sandwich next time, as they look more appealing but the staff member recommend me the burrito.

Certainly will return for more delectable eats in the near future.

Dear reader, where is your favourite place for doughnuts.

Location:  Saatchi & Saatchi Building, 51 Taranaki Street, Te Aro, Wellington City

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