www.misopeckish.comSeize the opportunity most people would say.   Seize in central Wellington has a strong focus on sustainability and clean eating  featuring salads, juices and paleo eats. etc,

You order your food at the counter and your food arrives at your table in a matter of minutes.

To be all honest, the food here is fairly pricey, but that does not stop consumers coming here for a quick bite to eat or even a catch up lunch with friends/colleagues.

There were two types of salads that you can order, a salad bowl or plate.   I opted for the salad bowl as I was told that was the most popular item they offer.

The salad bowl was a selection of pre-made salads which included beet slaw, asian slaw and bean salad, served side by side of each other.

To be all honest, I thought it was fairly light, something that I could have made at home for fraction of the price.  I am unsure what the thing is about this place, but it seems to have a good business model.  Certainly rivals Razhoo cafe in terms of providing clean salads to the people.

Dear reader, have you dine here? what are your thoughts about this eating establishment?

Location:  117 Lambton Quay, Wellington

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