Maranui Cafe – Take 2

www.misopeckish.comIt has certainly been a while since I was last hear, let alone a cafe in recent times.

But with Sweet Pea heading off to daycare and I am returning back to work, I thought I would treat myself to something I have long missed – to have a nice relaxing brunch at a cafe.

Caramel Doughnut – was simiply delicious. the doughnut itself was soft and light.  with a blob of caramel and cream.   I must say this was quite an astehticaly pleasing doughnut to say the least with the inclusion of fresh edible flowers.

Iced Mocka -what can I say, a very kiddy looking iced drink to say the least, decorated with various forms of marshmellows, chocolate finger and a pink wafer.  the last time I had a novelty iced drink was in at the Chaos cafe in New Plymouth.

Flat White – Mum did not complain so I guess the coffee was good.

www.misopeckish.comFish – Today’s fish and it always sem to be the fish everything I come here is Warehau.  NOt my favourite fish as it is a fairly firm fish.  It sounded nice on paper with bulgar wheat,  currants, pistaschio nuts and.  Was delicious

Fish Tortilla – one of my favourite items on the menu.    I thought my mum would have liked this dish, but she thought it was mediocre.  I think it was partially due to the fact that she was not use to these flavours and it was quite a large serving size for her.

Good atmosphere. at times, this place can get very busy with queues going out the door.  I would suggest come in early or in between the main peak times to get yourself a seat without too much of a weight.  The only downside coming in late in the afternoon is that most of the counterfood items would have been sold out.

There is an ample of free parking outside, and on a good day you could perhaps take a stroll along the beach.

Location:  Maranui Surf Life Saving Club , The Parade, Lyall Bay, Wellington

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