Opera Kitchen

www.misopeckish.comHaving read some reviews about this place on TripAdvisor saying this place is fairly ho-hum.  I was keen to give this place a go as it was close to a few shops that I wanted to pop into.

I walked in expecting very little people to be dining here due to it being mid morning, but I was wrong.  The cafe was full of suits either having a morning coffee fix or conducting meetings.

I went to the counter to see what counterfood items they had and boy did it all look amazing.  I just wanted to have a bit of everything.

Whitebait Omelette w shaved radish and aoili – wow!  I have never had a fluffier omelette in my life.  There were good amounts of whitebait and the accompany aoili was simply delicious, it was if they were made to be together.    Sweet Pea enjoyed it so much that she had at least half of my omelette.


White Chocolate Lamington w Passionfruit Curd – was delicious, the sponge was light and airy with a delicious coating of white chocolate and coconut.  The only thing I did not enjoy was the passionfruit curd.  It there was this ‘off’ like tate to the eggs that were used.  I cannot really describe it the taste but it was off putting.


Beside the fact of the off putting passionfruit curd.   I definitely enjoyed my outing at Opera Kitchen.  Will certainly return for more the next time I am in town.

Location:   312 Eastbourne Street, Hastings

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