www.misopeckish.comCaffiend seems to be quite a popular cafe in Petone, offering a selection of cabinet food aswell as food cooked to order.    I decided to pop in with my mum as she quite enjoys her eggs benedict and since we were in the neighbourhood I decided to give Caffiend a try.

We popped in during a week day where it was not busy, and we managed to find a table without any issues.

One thing that annoyed me was that I had popped Sweet Pea onto the table  as she is still too young to sit up on her own.  I was told not to put her on the table, even though she was wearing long trousers

Eggs Beny – Poached eggs with bacon on Ciabatta bread – the bread itself did not look at all ciabatta that is for sure.   It looked and tasted like normal bread.  there was only one piece of bacon that I could see.  The Hollander cause was very buttery for my liking

Eastbourne Butcher Black Pudding w Crispy Bacon, Poached Egg, Spinach and Hollandaise Sauce – the only good thing I would say about this dish is the amount of black pudding that you get – three pieces to be exact.  The hollandaise sauce as per above, quite buttery.  The dish was a good dish but also quite a heavy and rich dish.

Cafe is ok, though not my favourite place.   The food is ok but nothing overly exciting and the menu rarely changes.

Location:   233-235 Jackson St, Petone, Wellington

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