Baduzzi – Take 3

www.misopeckish.comIt  must be my lucky weekend, two straight nights out for dinner, however this time with Sweat Pea in tow, which  means an early dinner today.   It is funny how everytime we return to Baduzzi, that we always order the same few dishes, and what does that tell you? those are the dishes that tickle our fancy :).   One of the up sides of having dinner early is that we were able to get a table straight away and were able to pick the most appropriate spot.

We ordered a few dishes to share.

From the kids menu we ordered the Lamb Meatballs w Pasta. We do not tend to order from the kids menu, but the menu looked like a proper meal, unlike other restaurant kids meal that serves fish and chips, chicken nuggets etc. The pasta was thin and easy to eat, the meatballs were a bit tougher than I had anticipated,

Flame Grilled Sardines, Pinoli, Feta & White Raisins – is is basically a brushetta with a grilled sardine on top.

Wood Fired, Wild Caught King Prawns w Pancetta & Gremolata Piccante – was so good that we ordered another one, unfortunately the second one was not properly cooked, but we managed to get another one after advising one of the staff members.

Fiordland Crayfish Meatballs w Pancetta Chickpeas & Pecorino – oh these meatballs just melts in your mouth. They are not overworked, soft and delicate and packs a lot of flavour to it.

Wild Red Deer Meatballs, Portobello Mushrooms, Parsnip Crema – delicious, again the meatballs were flavoursome, succulent and well formed – not too tough (overworked).

Beetroot Pappardelle w Shaved Paua, Oyster Mushroom & Soft Quail Egg – one of my favourite dishes at Baduzzi. The pasta was thin yet al dente. I could only spot a couple of thin slices of paua. I did find the dish to be awfully salty for my liking.

Agnolotti Verdi, Snapper & Slipper Lobster, Burro Al Limone – These Agnolotti are fairly large, hence why these are sold individually. The pasta casing is much thicker than the pappardelle.

Ricotta Cannoli w Citrus Confit & Bitter Chocola – the deep fried pastry tasted a bit too oily for my liking, though I must admit it had a good crunch to it, however the ricotta filling was delicious. not too sweet nor too dense either.

The one thing that I enjoy about the pastas here is that they are soo delicate, al dente yet full of flavour and made fresh – nothing beats freshly made pastas. I was surprised that they actually cater for children in terms of having high chairs as well as a children menu etc. They also had room somewhere to hid the strollers away.

One very good, delicious and family friendly restaurant. Will certainly return again in the near future.
Dear reader, where is your favourite family friendly restaurant?

Location: N° 10 – 26 Corner Jellicoe Street, Unit 2, North Wharf, Auckland

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