Pratha 2 Go – Take 2

www.misopeckish.comI thought I would post a more recent review of Pratha 2 Go seen it has been over a year since my last review and the fact I have been here several times between my first post and this review, just coming back from from an afternoon of high tea at Hippopotamus restaurant –  which I must admit is one of my favourite restaurants in Wellington, I was still feeling rather peckish and unsatisfied where I needed to fill the void.

Banana Partha –  is something I tend to get when we visit Partha 2 go,  as all the roti’s etc are made to order to guarantee freshness which I love and you can actually see them slapping the dough for the roti about before it sits on the grill.  there are only a few restaurants that make their rotis fresh, other eating establishments tend to use pre-made frozen roti which tends not to be as nice.   the banana roti is more or less a dessert roti using a nice ripe and sweet banana with a dusting of cinnamon


Beef Murtabak w Lamb Curry –   the lamb curry is very thin and watery with 2 pieces if lamb, which I tend to find very dull.  However the highlight is the murtabak which is filled with minced beef, egg and an assortment of spices.  the murtabak is definitely a meal in itself and is best to be shared in my humble opinion.  as I tend to find eating one whole murtabak to myself to be very filling.

One thing that I do not enjoy when we order items to take away especially the partha, is that they are wrapped in tin foil to keep the heat in but it also softens the roti making it soggy.  If you do not mind dining on paper plates in a cramped areas, I would recommend eating your meal in, to appreciate the freshly cooked roti.

With the roti’s made on demand, expect to wait at least 15 minutes for your meals to be made and even longer during peak meal times.  If you do not like to wait, then I would suggest that you phone ahead.

Partha 2 Go is certainly my favourite place to go if I want a murtabak or a banana partha, as they are made fresh and flaky.

Dear reader, where is your favourite place for a murtabak or banana roti?

Location:  97b Upland Road, Kelburn, Wellington

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