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www.misopeckish.comAnother day and another WOAP.  Today I decided to head to Louis Sergeant for their burger, as  one of my friends kept suggesting I should at least have one burger Wellington.

Le Canard Du Roy – On Trays duck confit and duck liver parfait with Capital Produce zucchini, citrus and micro-herb salad, prune chutney and truffle mayonnaise in a truffle brioche bun.   served with duck fat potatoes – there was a bit of wait for the burger,.  looking at the other patrons in the restaurant, it seemed that everyone was ordering something from the WOAP menu.  After a few bites, the burger combined with the duck fat chips started to make me sick, with the richness from the buttery brioche buns, to the confit duck to the duck fat used to cook the potatoes.


The potatoes were what looked ugly off cuts which seemed to have soaked more oil than they needed to.  I could not finish off the bowl of potatoes, as the thought of ‘drinking’ oil got to me.


After such a rich meal I had to neutralise my tastebuds with something sweet, and no better way than to get one of the eye cactch  decided to get a swet treat to takeaway

Marie Antoinette – rème Brûlée & Vanilla mousse, with veuveclicquot Rosé and berry centre.   I must say this has to be one of the better tasting sweet treats i have had at Louis Sergeant.   The crunchy pearl balls to the subtle Verve Clicquot mousse and the slight tang of the raspberry jelly centre and the chewy macroon lightened my tastsebuds.  (Sorry if my picture does not do it justice,  it melted in the car :( )

I was able to get a table without too much hassle of waitiung around.  Service was good, but not as attentitive as I would have hoped.

Location:    146 Featherston St, Wellington

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  1. Katrina says:

    How much was the dessert and burger meal?

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