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www.misopeckish.comI did not think we would make it to Wellington on a Plate this year due to having Sweet Pea, but we managed to try Fratelli’s, more by chance than anything else.

This is my first time dining at Fratelli’s, it has always been on my list to visit but never had the opportunity to until now.  We managed to get a table without having to wait which was a bonus.  There are three seating areas, at the front, at the back which seems more private and at the back by the kitchen/bar.

Duck Confit Rissotto w truffle Oil – as you would know a risotto dish is generally quite heavy and there was no exception for this dish either – it was full of flavour.  The confit duck was tender as expected while the risotto itself still had a nice bit to it.

Mushroom Parpadelle w truffle oil and parmesam – OMG, umami heaven.  The intense flavours of the generous truffle oil, combined with the mushrooms and parmesan was just what my tastebuds needed – a nice wake up call.  If I were to return I would certainly ask to have this as a main size portion.

PrimeStar osso buco with Havana coffee braise on beetroot gnocchi and bitter Italian greens  – totally disappointed after having such a flavour kicking entree.  I found this dish to be lacking flavour in every way possible.   The osso buco was dry and not very tender than what I am used to.

Slow-roasted Meat Direct Porchetta with stuffed baby apples, watercress, red cabbage and The Nut Store hazelnuts – eating the pork by itself i found it to be fairly boring, but combining it with the apple help lift out the flavours. There were bits of the crackling that were chewy while other parts were crispy.   An ok dish but nothing compared to the two entree dishes.

Roasted Capital Produce pears with amaretto, marsala and Koast limoncello, and pistachio gelato.   The baked pears were not as soft as i hoped they would be.  nothing really to rate home with.  Given another opportunity, i would have rather paid for a dessert from the ala cate menu.

Rosemary and Zany Zeus panna cotta with feijoa granita, and orange and campari caramel – i must say the panna cotta had a very good wobble to it but that was about it, as i am not a huge panna cotta fan myself.

The best part of the meal were the two entrees as it was partly due to the umami flavours that I enjoy.  Both the entree dishes packed a tasty punch to it.  The remainder of our meals were fairly average and lacked flavour.   Fratelli cant be fairly noise especially when there is a large group dining.  The service is very friendly and attentive.

Location:  15 Blair Street, Wellington

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