Return of the RAD

www.misopeckish.comI was hoping they would be serving breakfast all day, but this was not the case.. we arrived just a tad after 11.30am, by that time they were serving their lunch menu.  I was honestly struggling to find something on their lunch menu to order as it was not very extensive nor was there anything that I really wanted.  To sum up their menu, was subs and sandwiches.

Chocky Fish Milkshake – very disappointing milkshake to say the least.  The milk shake was very runny and had no flavour to it.

Flat White –  beautiful latte art.   The coffee was well made neither too hot nor burnt.  One of the better coffees I have had in Auckland.

Grandmas Pork Banh Mi –  Light and crispy, traditional home-baked Vietnamese bread with Viet-style marinaded pork, pickled daikon and carrots, cucumber, coriander, mild red chilli and chicken cognac pate.  Not the best banh mi I have had. . I could not taste the pate and there was very little coriander,  it was used more like a garnish rather than an ingredient, the pork was fairly tough and lacked flavour.   The only thing I can commend them on is the crunchiness of the baguette.

Kiwi Catch – Our fish of the day is ‘tempurafied’ then delicately laid onto Rad’s fresh home-made brioche bread, layered with cos lettuce, fresh tomatoes and lightly massaged with our custom-made tartare.  The fish was fresh, with a nice crispy coating which is deep fried to order.

Not overly impressed with the cafe to be honest.  There is not much on offer in terms of both food cooked to order and cabinet food.  fro $13.50 for each of the sandwiches, I do think they are fairly expensive for a ‘filled roll’.   Dear reader, where is your favourite cafe?

Location:  397 Mount Eden Rd, Mt Eden, Auckland

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3 Responses to Return of the RAD

  1. Kokobrack says:

    My favourite cafe is definitely coffee club in Sylvia Park! Extensive menu as I always struggle with what to chose!

  2. alex says:

    you have to try Jones the grocer, circus circus, Fraser (they closed now – they have great food selection but coffee taste yuck – as in not that strong), mozaik (never disappoint but bit pricey)

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