Yamato – Take 2

www.misopeckish.comOne of my favourite Japanese Restaurants in Rotorua and is on my must visit list every time I am in Rotorua.   I tend to sit by the sushi bar where I can watch the sushi chef perform his trade, where he delicately slices the fish with his amazing set of Japanese knives.

Since we were meeting my brother there, we made a reservation the morning of to avoid disappointment and I am glad that we did as the restaurant was quite full when we were dining there.

Scallop Nigiri – scallops were that large scallops that you get in Japan.  I shared this with Mr Wasabi, having one each


Looking through their menu, I noticed that the best value for money dish is their bento box where you can select a few items from each of the categories they have.  It is like creating your own bento box.


Mackerel – seems to be a fairly uncommon item in all the Japanese restaurants I tend to eat at, so this was definitely gong to be in my bento box.  I remember when I was in Japan with a friend where we went to this place specifically for grilled mackeral which I quite enjoyed and this grilled mackeral reminded me of it.  The mackeral is not cooked like the normal fish you get at a restaurant where it is moist and succulent. It is more dry like it had been slightly air dried with a grilled flavour to it.   I would say you would need an acquired taste to thoroughly enjoy it.

Crab Cakes – these were more like those little deep fried crab nuggets (surimi) that you get at St Periers sushi.   Do not think I will be ordering these again.

Sushi –  these were avocado and salmon sushi.  4 large pieces are provided

Seared Beef – lightly seared beef served with a light teriyaki sauce.  The beef was very tender, which Mr Wasabi had helped himself to half of it

Each bento box is served with miso soup.   Most miso soup that I have in New Zealand tends to be very salty, however the miso soup here is good and not overpowering on the salt.

Location:  1123 Pukuatua St, Rotorua

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