Mt Albert BBQ Noodle House aka MomoTea

This place use to be MomoTea, but had been brought by Mt Albert BBQ Noodle houes, but continues to serve bubble tea, hence the name MomoTea

My brother P decided to take me here as I had not been here before.  We were decided whether we each should order a dish for ourselves or order to share.  We ended up to ordering a few dishes to share, so that I could try a few items out at the same time.

There is a selection of small and larger tables, but found  the restaurant to be slightly cramped for my liking.

Braised Hapuka – a lot of vegetables in this dish. The braised hapuka was deep fried.  I am always weary when things are deep fried in a batter as the protein tend to be fairly thin and you end up eating this oily thick batter.  The ratio of protein to batter was fine

Roast Duck – delicious, our duck was  fairly lean, it came wiht a lot of sauce which you can dip your duck into  if you wanted to.  The duck was succulent and tender

Chilli Chicken – this is a cold dish.  similar to a drunken chicken, but had a soy flavour to it rather than rice wine.  The chicken was tender and succulent.  Nothing to fault here

Combination Fried Rice – nothing to fault here. The protein combination included beef, pork and chicken.

Stir Fried Eggplant w Season Bean – was delicious, but personally found that it was a bit too oily for my liking.  the eggplant was soft while the beans still had a crunch to the.

Chilli Pepper Pork Chops – was delicious, and is perhaps the first one where it was relatively spicy,  other times you get these to be salty with a lot of garlic.  The pork chop pieces were fairly large, which meant there was only enough for one each.  I was hoping I could have another one.

Great place if you are after something cheap yet delicious.  Food arrives fairly promptly.

Location:  930 New North Road, Mt Albert, Auckland

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