The Store

www.misopeckish.comThe Store is part of the Hip Group.  From the menu, Mr Wasabi knew they were part of the Hip Group that brings you, Cafe on Kohi, St Heliers Bay Bistro, Takapuna Beach Cafe and Milse.

Mr Wasabi suggested coming here for breakfast where I initially thought that we were just going to get small bite to eat.    After our huge meal at The Sugar Club last night I was not in the mood for anything heavy and the fact that Mr Wasabi had instead that we were going to lunch at The Lava located within the Sofitel Hotel specifically for their Cherry Chocolate cake.

The Store had a lot more seating outside and on a good day all the tables will be spilled outside where the patrons can soak in and enjoy their vitamin D intake.

Since I wanted to save room for lunch I decided to have something light and grabbed a small sandwich from the take part of the store instead of a meal, even though I wanted a meal I decided not to.


Hot Spiced Apple Cider – The hot apple drink tasted more like warmed apple juice rather than a spiced one.  It was certainly sweet, which was too sweet for me.  Though Mr Wasabi thought it was relatively nice.

Croque Monsiuer – $7.50 was fairly cheap for a sandwich.  the sandwich was remade but specifically ask that it be heated.   the two dishes did not come at the same time which annoyed me, as there was certainly a long wait for Mr Wasabi’s dish to be made and I thought it would be fairly easy to gauge how long it was going to take to warm up a sandwich in the oven.  My dish finally arrived 5 minutes after Mr Wasabi had finished his dish, which came out stone cold.    I had to ask one of the staff members to take it back for it to warmed again and warmed thoroughly .. that took another 5-7 minutes.

Potato Gnocchi w Mushroom – pan fried gnocchi with roasted mushroom and parmesan – certainly had a lot of umami flavours for those of you who love umami.  the dish looked more like a forest with the purple rocket scattered over top of the dish.


Jam doughnuts – most of the baked items are fairly cheap when compared to the likes of Little and Friday or Scratch Bakery where most of their items were around $3.50.   Sugar coated soft doughnut, but not as rich as those found at Little and Fridays which are made of heavy brioche dough.

The doughnuts itself was filled with a delicious raspberry jam that was not overly sweet.   though it would be nice if there were a little more jam.

Definitely would love to come back to have something from their main menu.   The Store itself does not have much int he way of countered but you are welcome to hop over to their takeaway part to see if there is something there to your liking and then ask one of the wait staff for that specific item.

Location:  5b Gore St, Auckland

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