The Battle of the Pizza ‘By the Slice’ – Auckland’s Sal’s Pizza vs Wellington’s Tommy Millions

I thought I would provide short review between two cities popular pizza parlours that serve pizza by the slice or whole.

www.misopeckish.comSal’s Pizza, large network chain around Auckland offering a small handful of pizza flavours and toppings. where the majority of their ingredients are imported from the States to recreate that authentic New York style pizza.  Yes  this also includes the importation of the tomatoes too.

Sal’s reoccurring flavours include pepperoni, Cheese, Meatball, Sausage, vegetarian and Chicken, they also serve a selection of  chicken wings and specialty items such as mozarella sticks, garlic knots and pepperoni wheels at a cheaper price.

Pepperoni – nice thin crust, which are reheated on demand when ordered. good amount of peperoni slices on top which are served quite hot.  The toppings are not baked on till crispy thats for sure,  when you bite into the pizza you can still get that stringy mozzarella texture you expect from a freshly made pizza.

Chicken – Chunky bits of breaded chicken and fresh tomatoes top this pizza and is by the the most expensive pizza Sal’s has to offer.   Very nice succulent pizza that is full of flavour.   If you were doing your maths and you are buying pizza by the slice, it would be a no brainer to order this pizza.   However in saying that, my personal preference would be the Pepperoni, while Mr Wasabi’s preference is this Chicken pizza.

One good thing about this place is that there is additional seasoning that you can apply to to your heated toppings, this includes salt and pepper, dried herbs and powered parmesan

Sal’s pizza have a lot more cheese and flavour to it, with a nice thin pizza base which held itself –  this is the type of pizza which I love and most of all the pizza by the slice are all one price, regardless of the flavour you choose. The the exception of the cheese pizza which is $1 cheaper.    I just wish that Sal’s Pizza made an appearance in Wellington.

Location: Various locations.   visit for more information.

www.misopeckish.comWellington’s Tommy Millions, which is owned by the same people behind Scopa, Duke Carvell and Bresolin provides something similar to Auckland’s Sal’s Pizza, though they have a weekly changing pizza flavour.


Reoccurring flavours include margherita, pepperoni, mushroom, four cheese and porker

Porker (tomato, mozarella, salami, sausage and red onion – Not heated as much as it should, not enough cheese on the pizza, and lacked flavour.   it was more or less like eating a dry over done pizza where the toppings were crispy served on a thin and crunchy for those who like a non-floppy pizza.   Tommy Millions do however provide additional seasoning in terms of ground pepper, chilli flakes and chilli oil and dried herbs

Location:  Corner Courtenay Place and Taranaki Street, Te Aro, Wellington as well as Corner Featerston St and Waring Taylor street, CBD, Wellington

My personal preference is for Sals, just the fact their pizzas have a lot more flavour to them and you can still see the cheese once the pizza has been heated and the stretch from the mozarella and the fact that Sal’s is a lot cheaper.

Dear reader, where do you go for a good pizza?

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