Kokako Cafe

Louis Sergeant - J'AdoreI thought I would pop into Kokako Cafe seen I was in the neighborhood as I have heard good reviews about this place, serving up some decent coffee

A small selection of sweet and savoury counter food items are available but by the tie we arrived at lunch tie, most of the items had already been sold out, leaving a few muffins behind

We waited an exceptionally log time for our dishes to arrive but which time I had already costumed all my coffee and was twiddling my think it it patiently

Flat White – was not v nice.  Tasted a bit sour for my liking.  There was no latte art what so ever.

Louis Sergeant - J'Adore

Harrissa Roast Purple Eggplant, Bulgur Wheat, Hummus, Green Apple, Macadamia Nut Kukka, Smoked Yoghurt – was just that, few slices of eggplant, a pinch of salad greens cream frache was quite a boring dish and did not feel satisfied at all.

Louis Sergeant - J'Adore

Free Range Organic Eggs, Rye Sourdough, Vegan Pesto, Baby Kale – there is one thing that I hate when you get poached eggs.  And that is when your eggs are over cooked that they are no longer runny.  That was the case for one of the eggs that we got.  My mum was certainly unimpressed with her dish, as her sourdough toast was very dry and hard.

Louis Sergeant - J'Adore

Quite an average place and a place that I would not need to return again.  Service was average.  Our waters were never topped up nor did we get a jug of water.  We were never asked our food was

Location:   537 Great North Rd, Grey Lynn, Auckland

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