www.misopeckish.comBistronomy?  What is it? I have heard of Gastronomy before but not Bistronomy, so I headed to Mr Google for a definition of the name Bistronomy which returns the definition of a blend of bistro + gastronomy.    I tell myself that the meaning sounds ok.   You learn something new every day.

We came in for an early brunch, not knowing that there was a breakfast menu as it was not available online, only their lunch/dinner menu, I though lunch was served all day.  It was not until we arrived around 11am that we were told that they were only serving the breakfast menu until 12pm which is when they switched over to their lunch menu.  What lured me here was there menu, serving something slightly different to the other cafes around.

There is very little counterfood available.  What I saw was this delicious looking roll which I wanted to try but thought otherwise with the meringue delicately decorated around it

I was taken back by the fact that they were not able to cook the lunch menu, even though there was just ourselves and another couple dining here.   I would generally understand if they were busy but this was not the case.

Since both Mr Wasabi and I  wanted to try this place out, we decided to camp here for an hour before they would serve us their lunch menu.  Talk about going out of our way or what.

Flat White – Coffee beans by Firsthand, a local coffee roaster which I have not heard of, was delicious and perhaps one of the better coffees that I have had in recent times.

The coffee was served in a bowl that looks similar to a Chinese tea cup.   You can tell from the look of the coffee that it was made with care and you can sort of assume that it would also taste good too.   Definitely will be returning for a coffee here.

Vitello Tonnato Slider – Veal,  Tuna, Foccacia this was more of a bruschetta rather than a slider, as I associated sliders as a mini burger where there is something stuffed in between two buns.



Fried Chicken Wing w Smoky Crumb and Aioli  –  tasted much better than what was described on the menu.  The batter was thin, crispy and seasoned, the chicken itself was succulent and tender and most of all it was boneless.

Complimentary Sour Dough bread that is baked in house served with paprika butter.  It was not as sour as I hoped the bread to be but any freshly baked bread is always a good sign.  The bread itself was quite heavy which was a bonus for me as I was actually getting quite hungry myself after watching Mr Wasabi gobble is veal/tuna slider in front of me.


Cured venison tartar w Sour Cherries, Kriek Granite and Radish the Venison tartar was nice and rare, as it should be and nicely seasoned, though it could have done with some bread/crostini

Magic mushrooms, Porcini Cream, Shitake, Oyster, Field Mushrooms, Asparagus & Whipped Feta – was quite a small serving for the price that we paid.  Though if you were a mushroom lover like myself you will certainly enjoy this dish.  The combination of the various flavours  went well together, the crunch from the thin wafers, to the creaminess of the whipped feta and mashed avocado was simply delicious, along with the asparagus that still had a bit of crunch to it.


Meal was delicious, though I am wondering why there were a lack of customers when we were dining there.   Was it because the locals would prefer their boring and usual bacon and eggs for brunch?

More than happy to return again.  Definitely enjoy these types of eateries that serve a slightly usual fair.

Location:  40 Hastings Street, Napier

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  1. Hoi Yan Yeung says:

    Hace been a long follower of your blog :) Should have known of this place before my visit there last month- food looks good!

    • MisoPeckish says:

      Glad to hear you have been a long follower of my blog, make keeping this blog updated regularly worthwhile. Sorry I have been a bit slack with my postings. Not getting the usual amount of free time that I usually get these days :)

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