Louis Sergent – Take 4

www.misopeckish.comIt has certainly been a while since I had last visited basically due to my dietary requirements which I had which is no longer in place.

Mr Wasabi suggested we go somewhere close by and decided on Louis Sergeant since had had not been here for lunch.  What i had  noticed this time round is that they menu  had changed some what to include some brunch items.

L’Oeufbrouile –  scrambled eggs served with warm ham off the bone, mesculin, fresh herbs and buckwheat bread –  was welcoming especially if you are hungry.  There were lost of ham that were slightly thicker than your usual shaved ham that you get from the supermarket and very smokey.  The eggs were cooked perfectly where it was still runny which definitely went well with the lightly toasted bread and the ham


Salad de Legumes – steamed broccolini, zucchini, cauliflower, green beans. carrots, beetroot, baby like, cherry tomatoes, snow peas, baby fennel, radish, baby corn and white beans topped with a french dressing –  the size of this dish was appalling seen I paid $17 for a dish that had one each of the items listed above.  Definitely not a dish worth getting as I found the dish to be unsatisfying where I ended up getting a bhan mi from Nam D to satisfy myself.


Religieuse Celeste – choux pastry filled with cheery cremeux – was delicious.   the cherry cremex had a slight tang to it which I quite enjoyed.  Much prefer this patisserie over the Tentation below.

Tentation – almond sponge, topped with vanilla macaron biscuit, & subtle crème caramel mousse with a centre of apricot & vanilla confit.  I personally could no see the creme caramel but noticed this green stuff which to me tasted like green tea mousse which I thought was a very weird flavour to add with the apricot.

J’Adore – Hazelnut praline mousse with a gooey praline centre in choux pastry, covered in milk chocolate, almonds & edible gold sounded mouthwatering, though I found it to be the opposite.  The hazelnut praline mousse was quite strong which tasted a bit burnt, and very very sweet.  I am not a huge fan of choux patisserie as the filling tends to make the choir pastry to be soggy instead of a crunchy crispy texture.


Even though I do enjoy the food here especially the patisserie, I do think the portion sizes especially my salad to be very small and very expensive, the service here is very slow where you can wait circa 30 minutes before you food arrives.  I do not recommend coming here if you are in a rush.

Location:  146 Featherston Street, Wellington

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  1. Doodle says:

    Looks yummy but Dietary requirements…?
    ?? Why don’t you just saying you is pregnant!

  2. hurly says:

    Are you pregnant? How many children do you have? do you children eat when you go to all these places?

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