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www.misopeckish.comFinally Wellington has caught on to the Ramen train.  I have always wised there were more ramen stores in Wellington.  There are only two places in Wellington that serves passable (semi authentic) ramen.  Based on its name ‘Hey’, I believe this is the sister store to ‘Hey Sushi’.

I had noticed this place prior to Christmas when I was walking past, but never had the opportunity to try it as it was only open Monday to Fridays which seems to be geared for the working lunch crowd.

Today I finally got the opportunity to head to this part of town to finially try the Ramen here.  Hey Ramen do not only sell ramen, but also rice bowls aka don, yakisoba and udon.


There are a few bar style seating, but do not expect to fit large groups here.


Miso Butter Ramen –  Miso based stock with a slight buttery taste to it but not
overwhelming.  Comes with a good amount of condiments which includes corn, bean sprouts, fungus and spring onion.


Tonkotsu Ramen – served with 3 thinly sliced yet fatty charsu which I hate, there was very little condiments when compared to Mr Wasabi’s Miso Butter Ramen which included a good portion of corn, bean sprouts, fungus and spring onion.  The broth was very tasty with the right thickness to the soup.  The noodles were the thick kind of ramen, note at some ramen stores in Japan, you can select whether you want thick or thin ramen.


Hey Ramen definitely rivals the  Kazu Yakitori and Sake Bar in Wellington for good ramen for ‘Wellington’ standards.   Will definitely return if I am after some ramen and am in the neighborhood.

Dear reader, where is your favourite ramen place in Wellington?

Location:  100 Willis Street, Te Aro, Wellington

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4 Responses to Hey Ramen

  1. yeewun says:

    The Ramen Shop in Newtown

  2. Mike says:

    Reasonably OK Ramen and I like my Ramen (lived in Japan for 5 years). I immensely dislike their shitty plastic bowls and spoons. Why a shop like this can’t invest in some decent bowls and cutlery the experience would be tenfold. I suspect this place is owned by Chinese or Koreans and not Japanese. Japanese would not dumb down their products like this. Off to Kazu again. Who said the Ramen shop?-shame in you.

  3. Sean says:

    Woah there. I can’t believe you would even compare this chain store ramen to kazu. The food here not that good. The service is poor too. You’re doing your readers a disservice with this post.

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