Chan Kong Kei

www.misopeckish.comLast time we visited Macau we took away our order for half a roast duck.   This time I was going to make an effort to dine in.  Forgetting that the roast duck here was good, I ordered roast goose as it was hard to get back home.

Chan Kong Kei is similar to a Hong Kong BBQ takeaway, where you see the roasted meats hanging up at the front of the store window, while the other side is where a noodles and soups are made.

We managed  to pop in before the dinner crowd as I was not willing to hang around for another two hours.

As usual Mr Wasabi did not want anything so I ordered Roast Goose with Noodle Soup for myself.  While we were waiting for my dish to come, Mr Wasabi said ‘I can eat now’.  I rolled my eyes, as I would have ordered a 2 BBQ dish with some veges.

Mr Wasabi decided to order something to eat, so we agreed to ordere a 2 dish BBQ and vegetables on top of my order

2 Choice BBQ – Roast Goose, BBQ Pork

The goose especially the skin had a nice black pepper flavour to it than your usual BBQ or five spice flavour.   The goose was faily tender.  the noodles were cooked perfectly – thin egg noodles that was still el dente right to the last bite.

Vegetables – Gai lan – poached with some oyster sauce.  still had a bite to it but not over done.  Slightly be on the oily side but that was ok.


Good cheap eats without all the bells and whistles.  Will definitely return again.  Having tasted the roast goose and the roast duck from our previous visit, I would definitely recommend the roast duck.

Location:  19 R. do Dr. Pedro Jose Lobo, Macau

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