Guincho a Galera – Revisited

www.misopeckish.comMr Wasabi was so impressed with this place the first time round, that he suggested we visit this place again.  I told my foodie friend who lives in Hong Kong who informed me that they had gone down hill, which i relayed back to Mr Wasabi.

Mr Wasabi choose to ignore her opinion and insisted I make a reservation.

We arrived for lunch where there were a couple of tables full and proceeded to order a few interesting dishes which we had not tired before, and items that I could eat due to my dietary requirements. which meant we had to for any foie gras etc..

Amouse Bouche – we were served with a small cup of cappuccino, Smoked Mackeral w foam & Diced cucumber and dill sauce w pickled tomato and Olives & Onion.  The amouse bouche was different to what I was expecting.  I was expected some salt cod, like what we had previously.


Bread Basket –  consisted of a selection of breads and spreads

Banana butter – was made from chopped dehydrated bananas, which I found fairly interesting.

Chorizo – Chopped chorizo sausages  mixed through this soft white bread.

Sour Dough – had very little sour flavour to it, espeically since it was a sour dough.  though I must admit the bread itself was very soft and fluffy.

White Bread –  were the softest bread I have had in a long time but this seems to be the norm in Asia where breads are light, soft and fluffy.

Fish Soup –  consisted of one piece of tender snapper,more like a bisque with two prawns, & scallops.   the soup was thick, nicely seasoned

Roasted Black Pork w Potato Pancake, Wild Mushroom and Dark Jus –  Looked like if it had been sou vide and finished off in the pan.  Very subtle pork flavour.  The dish lacked seasoning, and was quite a boring dish to be honest

African Chicken w Polenta & Vegetables – this is basically similar to Nandos chicken where it was char grilled with lots of oil.  Deboned wings  served w a selection of vegetables.  The polenta cake was not very nice.  the include of the grilled tomato help cut through the fat of the chicken

Complimentary dessert consisting of the following:

Egg Tarts – these were small bite sized butter egg tarts with a nice flaky pastry.  This was accompanied with a selection of seasoning which included vanilla, chocolate and cinnamon

Pistachio Friand


We were glad we did not over order. The food was very average and I reminded Mr Wasabi that my friend did say it had gone down hill.  I guess sometimes you just need to try a place for yourself as everyone tastebuds differs.

Location: Hotel Lisboa, 2-4, Avenida De Lisboa, Macau

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