The Eight Restaurant

www.misopeckish.comThe Eight restaurant is an intimate Chinese restaurant with a delightfully lavish interior, offering exquisite Cantonese and Huaiyang cuisine and invites you to experience class.  The restaurant creates a sense of exclusivity, from the moment you enter through a dimly lit corridor with water drifting down the walls.  The centre of the dining room boasts delicate crystals forming a sphere, dangling over a pool of water.

As usual Mr Wasabi and I ordered a few dishes to share.

Amouse Bouche consisted of two parts:

Beef & Celery cup made form potato, was warm and tender, an extra sprinkling of seasoning would have made it perfect.

Abalone w Pomelo – cold yet tender abalone with a light sprinkling of lime zest giving the abalone a slight zing to to it.

Poached Fish Mousse Soup w Bamboo Piths & Bean Curd – warm, welcoming soup.  The bamboo piths looked more like fish balls to me.  the soup was very thick with the use of cornflour as the thickener.   We ordered one bowl to share as a tasting.

Stewed Eggplant w Shredded Conpoy & Crabmeat– conpoy is also known as dried scallops, in this occasion the conpoy was crispy served along side a lightly fried eggplant, egg white and crabmeat.   There was very little crabmeat in the dish, and again it lacked the necessary seasoning to bring the flavours together.

Shredded Chicken w  Crispy Skin & Pomelo – the skin of the chicken was crunchy with all the fat removed making it fairly tolerable to eat.  coming from a Western country we would tend to leave the skin off/put, but in Asian it seems like it is a delicacy including eating fatty roast pork, which I am not a fan of.  The combination of the pomelo and the lime zest worked well together with the chicken, making it a pleasant dish to eat.

Gai Lan in Congee Broth was something interesting and have not seen before.  The vegetables were cooked perfect where there is still a bite to it.  Te congee broth is very smooth and thick, just the way that I enjoy my congee.   The dish was tasty, and interesting. though would i order such a dish again? maybe… there was nothing wrong with it and it definitely was not offensive.  I could possible recommend it if you want something slightly odd/interesting yet enjoyable.

Steamed Whole Crab & Shrimps w Stewed Rice & Sharks Fin in Lotus Leaf – Took a very very long time to come out, we were thinking of leaving, as we thought they would have forgotten about it.

This was one of the last dishes to come out which I found annoying as both Mr Wasabi and I would have loved to have some rice with our meals, as opposed to a belly filler acting as our last dish.  The dish was nicely presented and put together with the shell displaying as if the crab is sitting on a mountain of rice. There were a lot of sharks fin, prawns and crab meat in this rice dish, which you can clearly see without to much effort.   the crab seemed as if it had been frozen as the crab meat took some effort to extract out of the legs.  We could not finish the entire dish of, so decided to take it home with out, even though we did not have a microwave to heat it, I felt bad leaving this dish with high quality ingredients to waste like that.

I was so bloat afterwards that we forgo dessert. but knowing a Michelin Star restaurant, you usually get some sort of dessert.

Milk Tea w White and black Sesame Rice Rolls – the milk tea was as expected for Hong Kong style milk tea, slightly warm, but sweet with the inclusion of condense milk.

For a 3 Michelin star restaurant, I found the service and the level of English to be exceptional bad.  The staff were arguing that some of the items that we ordered, such as the coconut rice cannot be cancelled before it even arrived, even after waiting a long for it.   Other restaurants would be more than willing to allow us to cancel as a bowl of rice cost tuppence compare to some of the dishes that we had ordered.

Location:  2/F, Grand Lisboa, Avenida de Lisboa, Macau

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  1. Bryan says:

    how much would the crab dish cost? and were the standard smaller dishes an affordable price or would a michelin star restaurant not be suited for standard diners? I want to take my family for dinner

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