One Dim Sum – Revisited

www.misopeckish.comMr Wasabi was very impressed the first time that we had dined here, not just because it is extremely affordable, good selection as well as being very cheap.

We both ordered the dishes that we like/wanted.

Chicken, Mushroom Steam Rice – tender pieces of chicken.  good amount of soy sauce that is poured on when the dish arrived to the table.  The shiitake mushrooms that were included were soft and succulent.

Steamed Golden Syrup Cake – soft and spongy.  had a good depth of caramelised flavour to it.  I was glad I had ordered this dish.

Sui Mai – sporting large chunky and succulent prawns

Beef Balls – very soft, has a slight crunch from the water chestnuts.  Definitely much nice than the beef balls that you get at yum cha places back home.

Beef Ribs – Large pieces, but not very tender as I thought it would.

Chicken & Fish Maw – I generally get this dish for the fish maw as I seldom get to eat it back home, unless my mum cooks it for me. The fish maw was soft and full of the flavour.  If you have not tried fish maw, the text is similar to crackling pork that has been soaked in a tasty liquid.

Har Gao – Large sweet chunky prawns wrapped in a thin transparent skin and well seasoned.

Great place to get some cheap eats.  Although this is not a Michelin Star restaurant, Mr Wasabi and I definitely will return in the near future to get some good cheap dim sum.

Location:  Shop 1 & 2, G/F, Kenwood Mansion, 15 Playing Field Road, Prince Edward, Hong Kong

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