Kam Wah Cafe – Take 2

www.misopeckish.comSince we were in the neighbourhood, I took the liberty to stop by Kam Wah Cafe to grab myself pineapple bun to eat in, even though we had just eaten at 1 Dim Sum.

Even though this is a local coffee house/bakery, what I found irritating was the fact that even though Mr Wasabi and I were sitting, we had to order something each and it did not count that we ordered one pineapple bun and one drink to share.     So finally Mr Wasabi said he would have an ice lemon tea.

Pineapple Bun w Butter –  was served warm.   The butter melted slowly in between the two halfs of the bun.   The slab of butter was not as thick as other cafes that I have had this.  The bun itself had a nice crunchy sweet topping with a soft yet fluffy centre.


Hong Kong Milk Ice Tea – is basically ice tea with condense milk.   It had the right amount of  condense milk making it neither too sweet or too bland.


Ice Lemon Tea –  had a good lemon flavour, but Mr Wasabi stated it was not sweet enough but though it was fine.


The lady who served us was rude, they basically want you to quickly order something and leave, so they can get through as patrons as possible, as they tend to sit as many people as possible into this eatery even sharing tables with complete strangers – which does not bother me as much.


The pineapple buns were nice. Though I probably would get mine to take away, so I do not have to order other items unnecessary.

Location: 47 Bute St, Kowloon, Hong Kong

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