Golden Leaf

www.misopeckish.comI had heard Golden Leaf had just became a Michelin Star restaurant and we coincidentally were staying above the restaurant.  I thought we should go somewhere close to where we were staying without having to travel too far and for convenience as I had not been feeling very well earlier on in the day.

We meet up with our friend S who was more than happy to meet us here.    The restaurant is very clean and minimalist.  We proceeded to order a few dishes, trying to order some of their signature dishes where we found some of the dishes had sold out and having to make do with our second preferences



Double-Boiled Clear Broth with Bamboo Piths, Black Mushroom and Brassica –  a very clean soup.   The bamboo piths had a spongy texture to it, and I was thinking bamboo pith were similar to the bamboo shoots. I was wrong.   Quite a nice soup that had lots of flavour.

Barbecued Meat Platter with Suckling Pig  – was perhaps one of the better dishes this evening.  Offering a selection of  BBQ pork, roast duck and suckling pig.   the BBQ pork had a nice sweet sticky coating and was very lean, the suckling pig was also very lean, the crackly was light and crunchy, while the duck was tender and succulent.

Steamed Fresh Crab Claw with Minced Ginger and Rice Wine –  was fairly dry and not very succulent.  This dish being one of the restaurants signature dishes I failed to see what the hype was for this dish.   it was basically based with this egg white custard which was nice.

Vegetables w Tofu and Clam Sauce – this was more like braised vegetables with a preserved tofu sauce.   I definitely could not taste any clam sauce what so ever

Stir Fried Ostrich w Ginger and Spring Onions – the ostrich itself was very tender, though the dish did have a lot of ginger in it which I had pushed to the side as I found it far to strong when eaten alone.

Mango Pudding –  was fairly average.   came with me carnation milk around the pudding with real mangoes through the pudding.  Not overly strong on flavour but enough to dignities the mango flavour.

Fried Glutenous Rice Dumplings with Red Bean and Banana –  these are the round glutenous rice dumplings that you find at yum cha but covered with black and white sesame seeds.  this had the right amount of red bean paste to banana filling that was not overly sweet nor too oily.


Not overly  impressive for a Michelin star restaurant, especially when there are better restaurants around.  Would I return again? most unlikely unless someone shouted me.

Location: Conrad Hotel, Pacific Place, 88 Queensway, Hong Kong

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