Tsui Wah @ Causeway Bay Take 2

www.misopeckish.comAfter spending a fair few $$$ in the last couple of days Mr Wasabi decided to head somewhere cheap for a quite bite to eat.  We headed to Tsui Wah, as we remembered their Wonton noodles to be pretty good.  Please check out my previous reviews here

Tsui Wah is similar to an American diner, but  a Hong Kong style diner where you can get a cheap meal or something greasy after a night on the town.


We ordered a couple of dishes to share

Hong Kong Milk Tea – one of my favourite drinks that I try to get when I am in Hong Kong.  It is basically back tea with condense milk.   There is nothing speical about it, but something different


Mini Wonton Noodles – as usual the noodles were cooked til al dente where they were still quite springy.  Mr Wasabi had commented that the dish did not have much taste (perhaps due to the fact that he was partially sick and had lost part of this tastebuds) but I thought it was ok.


Beef Fried Noodles – we originally ordered the Hainan Chicken Rice set, but apparently they had ran out, so opted for the beef fried noodles aka beef hor fun.   This thick rice noodles had absoulately no taste even though it had a lot of sauce on the dish.  the beef was fairly tender but i think this is due to the amount of sodium bicarbonate which is not very pleasing.  Though I guess you get what you pay for.


Gai Lan w Mince Pork and Salted Fish – was fairly oily and very salty but it did have a fair amount of salted fish which had disintegrated into the sauce.
























The service here is non existent as the staff were fairly rude where they only told us last minute that they had ran out of the chicken rice.  We waited ages for the beef fried noodles thinking that it was not going to come and we were thinking we would grab a quite bite elsewhere but then all of a sudden it arrived.

I do not think we will come back here again for a meal, though I still enjoy their freshly baked Hong Kong style buns such as their pineapple buns which I quite enjoy.

Location:  G/F – 3/F, Lockhart Road 485, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

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