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www.misopeckish.comMeet Fresh, which is an Asian dessert store selling a selection of  teas, crushed ice desserts, tofu puddings, herbal jelly (aka grass jelly) desserts, have recently opened in Wellington on Courtenay Place.  And seeing it was a joy to my eye.

I have visited the Auckland store several times in the past 12 months, where I tend to find myself ordering the same item.

The decor is modern but simplistic.  Most of the patrons here are of some Asian decent, though I did see a couple non-Chinese people who were dining here with their Asian counterparts.  Do not be alarmed, thinking that you need to take an Asian friend here to order your dessert, as the menu is in both English and Chinese.

You order at the counter, where you are given this beeper that lights up and vibrates when your dessert is ready to be picked up at the counter, which is the same concept as Auckland.

Meet Fresh Signature Herbal Jelly which consists of Herbal Jelly, Herbal shaved ice, taro balls and coffee creme –   the shaved  at the bottom of the herbal jelly did not melt as fast as I had hoped, so I ended up eating cold shaved ice which was not as nice as it could be if it was slightly melted.  The taro balls itself are warm with a chewy texture to them, similar to mochi balls.  I personally like to eat these quickly while they are still warm and soft, as they cool, they get slightly harder.


Mango Blended Iced drink – diced mango, shaved ice, mango juice and  some chewy chopped up taro balls made up this beverage.  Mr Wasabi had actually ordered this and was quite impressed with it, with the exception that it was very sweet, but good on a hot sunny day.

I must admit that there is not much to the desserts, and the staff are very very slow, so be prepared to wait a while for your dessert to be made.  In saying that I will return again to get my ‘Asian dessert’ fix.

Location:  9A Courtenay Place, Te Aro, Wellington

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  1. lai yuk ee says:

    serive was very very slow, and stuff was on skillful, always read the instruction to make the order, i dont think i will go back, and quality just fair,.

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