Moon Bar @ the Banyan Tree

www.misopeckish.comLike myself, you may have seen stunning pictures of some roof top bars in Bangkok and I was on a mission to visit at least of these famous rooftop bars in Bangkok.  After asking one of my friends who frequent Bangkok a couple times a year, she suggested the Moonbar at the Banyan Tree hotel.

The Banyan Tree coincidentally was located right next door to where we had dined for dinner, so it was a no brainer to hit two birds with one stone instead of travelling across the city to a different rooftop bar.

The Moon Bar offers 360 degree view over Bangkok, as a result, you will have to pay the price! Indeed, the Moon Bar being well located and famous among tourists is quite expensive compare to the other sky bars

There is no reservation at the Moon Bar, so it was really a pot luck whether you can find a seat at the ever popular Moon Bar

We managed to snatch a seat from a couple was just about to leave proving a nice view over the city of Bangkok which to me seemed never ending.  high above the cityscape the moon bar was cooling in the Summer night time

We were provided with complimentary trio of bar snacks which included, nuts, rice crackers and chips which was nice to nibble on, since we had just had dinner we did not really take advantage of them.

We then ordered a couple of cocktails.  The cocktails were nothing spectacular, especially for the price we paid for them.  Good but not great.

If you are after a bite to eat, you can always dine at the Vertigo Bar, which is located on the same floor, but I do advise that you book in advance to avoid any disappointment.

Location:  Banyan Tree Hotel,  61st floor of the Banyan Tree Hotel on Sathorn road,

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