www.misopeckish.comThe last time I was in Bangkok I wanted to dine here as Nahm was rated one of the best 50 restaurants in Asia, however I was a bit to late to make my booking.  So I vouched to myself that I would make an effort to attempt to make a reservation here this time round.  And it certainly helps that we are here for 5 nights, giving me 5 opportunities to make a reservation here via our concierge.  We managed to get a reservation on our last night in Bangkok.

Nahm offers both a detestation or ala carte.  Again and as usual both Mr Wasabi and I were not feeling very hungry, so we went for the a la carte option.

Amouse Bouche – Ma Hor – which is minced pork, prawn and chicken w peanut and garlic on a slice of pineapple.   it was salty and sweet with a hint of tartness with the crunch from the peanuts.  the Pineapple was dry, especially when I was expecting it to be juicy

Soup of the Day – Crayfish w Wild Mushroom – Clear simple soup, slightly salt for my liking but Mr Wasabi though it was quite nice.   I must admit I do enjoy the assortment of mushrooms that were included in the dish

Stir Fried  Wagyu Beef w Charred Onions, Oyster Sauce and Thai Basil – The first flavours that you notice is the basil.  The beef was very tender and smoky.  the onions have a nice charred flavour that helped with the smokiness of the dish.   The green chillies were used to provide the necessary heat that the dish needed.

Steamed Red Curry of Crab, Pork and Chicken in Banana Leaf – not your usual wet curry as this was steamed – similar to an Otak that you can get in Singapore. The dish had a lot of crab meat throughout the dish  *Mr Wasabi Recommended Dish*

Prawn Salad –  Salty with the crunch from the fried garlic, shallots and peanuts. The tartness from the limtes with a hot spciy after taste.

Do not expect locals to be eating here, as it is relatively expensive for locals to dine here but comparatively for tourists it is affordable.   Food was very tasty,

Location:  Hotel Metropolitan, 27 South Sathorn Rd, Thung Maha Mek, Sathon, Bangkok, Thailand

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