Ding Tai Fung, Central Embassy, Bangkok

www.misopeckish.comWhen there is a Ding Tai Fung, I definitely cannot say no to it, especially since it has been a long time since I last had it.

My last encounter was in Melbourne, but arrived to a very very long queue which had put both Mr Wasabi and I off, so we decided to skip it until our next visit to Melbourne, hopefully by which time the fade should have died down.

Every time we are in Bangkok we always make a visit to one of the many branches that have opened up in Bangkok, specifically going for these delicious and refreshing lemongrass ice ball drink, which is definitely a highlight aswell as their very famous and delicious xiao long bao.

We ordered a few dishes to share:

Lemongrass Iceball drink – lemongrass drink with an iceball made from lemongrass juice served with a stalk of lemon grass.    This drink is definitely cool and refreshing where you can more than one glass of it.


Xiao Long Bao – delicate thing skin encasing a soupy mince pork filling.  These are always best to eat when hot and is served with perfectly julienne ginger.


Spinach w Tofu Strips – the tofu strips are much thiner than the Hong Kong versions, which I would prefer.


Duck Spring Rolls – crispy spring rolls encasing a fairly salty slice of duck.  though failed to find the spring onions that was mentioned on the menu.


Stuffed Chilli Peppers with Pork – succulent and tender.  th sauce was fairly sweet which I did not enjoy so much but certainly Mr Wasbiy had enjoy it


Location: Central Embassy 1031 Ploenchit Road, Pathumwan, Bangkok, Thailand

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