Airline Review: Air New Zealand Premium Economy – Auckland to Singapore – Refitted

www.misopeckish.comWe were flying the newly refitted 777-200 Premium Economy seats, where its seating configuration is 2x4x2, previously it was set out as 3x3x3.   This also meant that AIR New Zealand now currently has 3 types of Premium economy seats and seating configuration in its long haul flights.

We departed 40 minutes late due to a person not making a flight, as we waited for our flight to depart I had a quick stroll through the entertainment system which has been upgraded to a nice touch screen, which meant a quicker navigation than using those old remotes which did not work as well when they get a bit old, seat to seat chat, ability to purchase Air New Zealand souviners and wines.

We were given our menus for the entire flight which included Dinner, Breakfast and a list of avaible snacks.   The menu seems to have gone down hill as I found it unappealing and very borning.

Hot towels were provided soon after receiving our menus.  These can be a pot luck in my honest opinion.   The hot towel would either be too wet or dry, never anything in between which annoys me.

After take off, drinks which included orange juice, New Zealand Sparkling Wine and Water.  I opted for some spiced tomato juice

about 2 hours into our flight, dinner was served


Bakery – Sour Dough, Purple Wheat, Ciabbatta and Garlic were on offer.  As I am a fan of sourdough, I opted for a piece of sourdough and purple wheat breads.   Both breads were served warm.  The sourdough was fairly sourm while I found the Purple Wheat bread to be fairly dry regardless how much butter I smeared on my bread.


Cured Salmon – Could not eat due to my dietary requirements, though there was a vegan soup which was seafood laksa, which I was no keen on, nor did the air hostess allow me to eat it due to the amount of seafood/shellfish in the soup.  So I ended up without having a starter.   I thought I would be offered another round of breads as replacement but it did not come round again.


Chicken Curry – was horrible.  Very creamy with no flavour what so ever.   Of recent times i have not had a good meal in Premium Economy

Dim Sums – were not good.  The skins were fairly dry. instead of hte usual pork dumplings, chicken was used instead.   The dim sums were served with Lee Kum Kee Chilli Sauce and Soy sauce.


Panna Cotta was not my favourite.  It had too much jelatine which did not wobble as much as a proper panna cotta should be.

Cheese and Crackers – these  were individually wrapped, where I found the cheese to be too thick for the two crackers.

Peppermint Tea  to finish off the evening which came with a Cadburys after dinner mint.


Breakfast was served 2 hours before landing,  I was wonken up with the cabin lights being turned on and an increase of chatter amongst my fellow travellers in the cabin.

As soon as I got up, the staff were handing out another wet towel, which was far to wet.

Continental Breakfast:

Fresh Fruit – usual fruits were on offer, green and orange rockmelon and pineapple were on offer. I opted to have some with my cereal.

Cereal – a selection of cereals which included toasted or Light and Tasty,  I opted for a half and half with Greek Yoghurt and some fruit, which I ate most of it.

Bakery – The one thing that gets me awake most of the time is the smell of the bakery being cooked/warmed in the ovens.   The breakfast bakery option does not change very often, as you can always guarantee some warmed croissants will always be available.  There were two options available, toast and croissants.  I passed on the bakery option as I was quite full from the cereal.  The croissants were served with optional jam.

Hot Meal:

Shanghai Noodles – was tasteless but ate all of the veges – had a good amount of large prawns which I did not eat, so offered them to Mr Wasbi.

Air New Zealand does offer a selection of special meals, but one of the main ones that they are missing is a special meal for pregnant woman, as there must be a number of pregnant women who fly on AirNZ and am unable to eat these meals.     Even knowing my flights ahead of time, I have on numerous occasions whether they could offer something else ahead of time, but have been denied every single time.   Air New Zealand.. how hard it is to add an additional special meal for pregnant women who travel on your airline?  you have gluten free, halal, vegetarian, Hindu etc etc..

Apart from the lack of a special meal for pregnant women the service was good, being offered a beverage several times during our night flight.

We sat at the bulk head seats thinking you would get extra leg room., this is not the case if you are tall, unlike the older style seating.  The seats seems to be slightly winder where Mr Wasabi and I did not need to elbow each other  during our flight.   The entertainment system sports a slightly larger screen that is now touch screen, you can also put your headphone jack either into the screen or into your seat’s armrest.  There is also a power plug as well as a USB outlet in every seat.

We flew on AirNZ 777-200 (refitted)

AirNZ flies to Singapore daily.  For further flight times between Auckland and Singapore, please visit

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  1. Lizg says:

    What a great suggestion by ‘miso peckish’ following her premium economy flight on 777-200 V2 from Auckland to Singapore – the fact that a special meal for pregnant women should be added… This would be marvellous also for many of the immune suppressed people who need fresh hot cooked meals – the plainer the better. Low salt, low fat, no creamy sauces, nothing raw or preheated more than once. Well cooked beef & plain cooked vegetables would do it for me. I’m an organ transplant recipient & I’ve tried different aircraft meals (the vegetarian unfortunately super salty & intolerable) & nothing suits. These days I don’t preorder any of the available special meals. I just pick around whatever is on offer – I prefer economy standard meals which are plain – but this is difficult when flying premium. The menu described by miso peckish had very little I could eat – just the crackers & cereal & abit of green spinach and two strips of red capsicum! I usly bring commercially packaged dry food on board to tide me over my long 13 to 16 hour flight legs.
    Please Air NZ & all airlines- could meals for pregnant women be considered – very easy for the chef to organise – basically plain food & probably the least bothersome & cheapest to provide.

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