Nan Xiang Chicken Rice

www.misopeckish.comNan Xiang is a local eatery in Singapore popular for its Chicken Rice dish speically where the rice is served in a ball. We were taken here by Mr Wasabi’s other set of Aunties as we were told to meet them at Novena MRT stop which is a couple stops from Orchard Road.

Mr Wasabi’s Auntie order a few dishes to share

Soup –  Clear herbal soup that was espically welcoming for me, as it has been a long time since I have had some decent Chinese soup, partially due to the fact that I have been very lazy in making soup myself at home.

Stuffed Fried Bean Curd Roll – stuffed with pork mince – was interesting which I have not had before, though it seems to be Mr Wasabis favourite childhood snack food.  The crispy tofu skin encasing a succulent yet juicy savoury pork mince filling tasted better than I though it would.  This dish was hoofed down  in no time, where Mr Wasabi’s uncle had insisted we order another serving of it.

Vegetables – Steam vegetables that still has a bite to it and topped with fried shallots.

Chicken – Steamed and Baked – Nan Xiang’s poached chicken is also perfectly done – silken-smooth flesh, deliciously gelatinous skin, perfectly-seasoned with good quality light soy sauce, sesame oil.  The baked chicken was slightly more drier than the steam chicken.   Between the two, I much prefer the steamed chicken.

Rice Ball – Nan Xiang serves its chicken rice in balls, wrapped in grease-proof paper. Unwrap one of those balls and you’d immediately catch the delicious waft of Nan Xiang’s very aromatic chicken rice – one of the best in Singapore, in fact.

Stewed Beef – sweet, savoury thick sauce, with beef that melted in your mouth.  I personally did not enjoy the peanuts in the dish.  but luckily I was not obligated to eat it.

Steamed Taro Pudding – this is a dry yet sweet steam pudding made from Taro.   I found the pudding to be gritty rather than smooth.  I definitely could not eat a whole bowl by yourself as it is very dense as you would expect with eating taro.

Good cheap eats.  It was certainly interesting to see  the rice served in a ball.  There were definitely some dishes I would eat again.    Though Singapore being a foodie city, I would like to try the same dishes at other restaurants to get an understand what makes or breaks a good chicken rice.

Location:  10 Sinaran Drive, #01-156/159 Novena Square 2, Singapore

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