Millhouse Restaurant

www.misopeckish.comA reunion with some of Mr Wasabi friends, who were all staying the Millbrook resort except for us, we made the executive decision to dine at one of the restaurants there, so they could all drink without having to worry about driving drunk.

We decided to order a few started to share and then order mains individually.


Millhouse Baked Bread – Olive oil, whipped butter, shallot & chive crème fraiche – a selection of breads which include, white, seeded and rye bread served on a wooden platter.

Wild Hare Loin & Confit Leg – Leek, oyster mushroom, egg yolk & tamarillo – was appealing to the eye, but also very tasty and rich.


Tiger Prawn & Scampi Prawn goyza, cucumber & fennel salad, nori & miso – very disappointed in the dish. the prawn goyza skin was dry.  What I can gather or see from the dish was that half the dish was under foam. which I did not appreciate.   I caould bare taste any scampi or see any.



Citrus Crusted Market Fish – Prawn tortellini, celeriac, kai-lan & crayfish bisque – was not as nice as I was expecting.t he fish was rather dry and tough for a blue cod.  the bisque was very thick and was not enough,  The bisque actualy  came after I had started my dish.  Though in saying that the dish did not fairly appealing.

Prime Angus Beef Fillet w Port Wine Jus, Seasonal Market Vegetables     Potato – Tartiflette with Mozzarella cheese & bacon –  was off the grill where you were able to select the sauce and side you wanted.    the beef fillet was slightly over cooked, Mr Wasabi had ordered this to be medium rare but it came out ever so slightly over done.


Complimentary Sweets  which actually came with the coffee that we ordered.

Chocolate & Raspberry Assiette – Alaska bomb, Pavlova, mousse & compote – tasted similar to a Jelly Tip ice cream with the chocolate base, raspberry jelly and the with little droplets of chocolate sauce, tart raspberry sauce and raspberry jelly.  this was an interesting dish especially with the inclusion of the meringue spoon.

Flat White – was good with a slightly bitter taste to it, but something definitely welcomed


I had quite high expectations at the Millhouse.   It had failed to tickle my tastebuds, though the presentation of the food looked very appealing.  It is good but not great, in saying that I would not say that you must go out of your way to visit this place.

Location:  Millbrook Resort, 1124 Malaghans Road, Arrowtown

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