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www.misopeckish.comCorfu is one of our local fish and chip shop, partly due to it being the closest to our home.  I must admit we do not have fish and chips that often and we usually get the same thing, fish and chips and on the odd occasion Mr Wasabi may include a piece of fried chicken, potato fritter or a curry roll.

There are a couple of tables inside the fish and chip shop for those who want to eat your fish and chips straight away, though most people tend to take them away and have it at home.

We tend to phone in with our order on the way back home, so that we do not have to wait too long for the meal to be cooked.

Curry Roll – I was expecting a good amount of meat in my curry roll but all I saw was mainly curried rice, some peas, some carrots and verry little mince.   the curry roll was over salted for my liking but the crumbed coating of the spring roll was nice and crunch

Potato Fritter – is basically a sliced piece of potato that is battered and deep fried.  Mr Wasabi had consumed it all before I could ask for a bite.   To be honest I do not know the different or why you would buy a potato fritter if you have chips?


Battered Fish – usually deep sea cod is used – the fish fillets were relatively thin and a bit of a roulette, as my piece of fish was quite dry and rubbery, while Mr Wasabi’s fish was perfect.  the batter was light and crispy but definitely can see all a bit of oil extruding from the batter when you press down on the batter which was kind of off putting.   But then I guess you would expect that from fish and chips.

Chips – were more on the softer side than crispy.  though I must say the chips had a nice golden colour.  It would have been nice if the chips were cooked a little longer to crisp it up a little more.

Fried Chicken – Mr Wasabi ordered a fried drum stick and you would usually expect brown chicken meat to be fairly succulent.  However this was not the case.

I think it is best to get your fish and chips when they are not so busy, so that the chips are given their full amount of time to cook so that the outside is crispy rather than soggy.   And if you have no intentions to wait, I would recommend to phone order ahead.

Dear reader, which is your favourite fish and chip shop in Wellington?

Location:  282 Karori Rd, Karori, Wellington

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