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www.misopeckish.comParadise Indian restaurant is located in the Indian suburb of Sandringham, specialising in Hyderabad curry.   I did not know what to expect from this place, except for a cheap looking takeaway joint with a few tables, similar to what you find in Chinese eateries on Dominion Road.  I was mistaken.   The restaurant itself is clean, airy, and fill of interesting cricket memorabilia of great Indian cricketers, where one side of the restaurant shows off a number of signed cricket bats, while the opposite wall has a number of tv’s showing historic cricket games and photographs of Indian cricketers.


As you walk into the restaurant you can see the chefs making your naan breads fresh and skewing the meats ready for the tandoori oven.

We originally and entree, two curries, 2 naans, but after getting our mix platter Mr Wasabi thought we had not ordered enough and decided to order another dish – biryani

Paradise Mix Platter consisting of lamb chop, chicken tikka, lamb kebab and afgani kebab – This dish came out on a sizzling plate,  all the meats were tender yet delicious, each having their own distinct flavours. The lamb kebab which tends to be overly salty was perfectly seasoned.  – definitely a good entree dish to share when dining with multiple people as you can try an assortment of grilled meats.

Paradise Special Chicken – ever so slightly spicy, sweet, yet has a delicous taste with its cashew and saffron sauce.

Lamb Pasinday –  their their house special curry.   Made from mild curry made from ground cashews amongst other spices.  Chunky pieces of lamb consisting of both lean meat and fat.   You probably would not think you were eating little bits of fat unless you were actually looking for it – like I was.

Mutton Biryani– Dry biryani, you can think of it as a fried rice with chunky bits of mutton and curry to give this dish the delicious flavour that it has.   Most of the Indians who were dining here all ordered a biryani of some sorts.

Paneer Naan –  soft, fluffy naan bread cooked in a wood fired tandoor oven.  which is then topped with dried herbs on top

Garlic Naan – was not as fluffy as the paneer naan.  Doused with some butter on top and caramelised garlic.  – quite different to what I have been used to in Wellington when you normally get a sprinkling of finely chopped garlic on top.

Mango Lassi – premade yoghurt drink sitting in the cooler.  I would much prefer mango lassi that are made to order where there is a swirl of mango around the cup which you mix in to the yoghurt drink yourself.

The curry portion sizes are fairly large, larger than what you find in Wellington and ended up taking half of what we ordered back home.  Great place for some decent yet authentic curry.  You will not find any onion bhaji’s here, but good Hyderabad Indian food.

More than happy to return again for some good authentic curry

Location:   591 Sandringham Rd, Sandringham, Auckland

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  1. Raj says:

    I have tried Paradise, but I think Taj Bistro in Newmarket is by far my favourite. Unique yet authentic. Their service is outstanding and they definitely make a difference. What really amazed me were their presentation and eye for detail. Every little item was there for a reason. Their dishes may be small but very unique, make sure you order quite a few dishes. If you like indian, you will love Taj. make it a special occasion. Make sure you let them know you like indian meals and they will let you know about their secret menu dishes that change weekly. This place always amazes me.

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