Le Cigagle French Market

www.misopeckish.comLe Cigagle French Market is perhaps my favourite Market to visit in Auckland.  There is a small array of vendors selling an assortment of food related items from fresh fruit and vegetables to cheese, dips, bread, smoked fish etc and most of all  my favourite made on side patisserie items.

Every time I come here I always walk away with one of their absolutely delicious almond croissants which are to die for as well s other french patisserie items.  The other side of the shed does a more savoury items such as coque monsieur, quiche, pies, sandwiches etc

Almond Croissant – was asked if i wanted this warmed up and without any hesitation I said yes, as you cannot have a good croissant if the pastry is not flakey and crispy with a good honey comb to it.   Made the authentic way with almond paste added into the centre and a little smear to on the top


Cherry Almond Croissant – Mr Wasabi brought this based on the fact that he likes cherries.  I was not much of a fan of this as I would have much preferred the almond croissant.  the pastry was crispy, light and airy which was consistent with the pastry of the almond croissant.


Ham and Cheese Croissant – these had just come out of the oven. where the the pastry was slightly warm with ham and cheese added in.



It was quite nice though found it to be little too oily from the cheese that was used.


Le Cigagle is one of my favourite places to get a good almond croissant.   Sometimes if you come too late, they get all sold out, which had happened to me a few times.  Leaving Cigagle  fairly disappointed as I did not manage to get my almond croissant fix.

Dear reader, do you have a recommendation for a good almond croissant in Auckland?

Location:  69 St Georges Bay Road, Parnell, Auckland

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