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www.misopeckish.comI went on a wild goose chase to Milford, thinking a new Zara store had opened up.  It turned out to be a store selling a range of Zara clothing.  After an unsuccessful journey I headed to La Tropenizenne to see what items they had available.

For those of you who are not familiar with la Tropenense it is a French Bakery selling a selection of items from breads to various sweet and savoury patisserie items.   There is one thing to be said about this place is that the items are relatively cheap when comparing to Wellington’s Bordeaux Bakery.    Items such as the plain croissant costs $2.10, pan aux raisin $3.80  etc…

Mr Wasabi and I ordered a couple of items.

Plain Croissant – Pastry was buttery and flaky with a nice crumb.  Perhaps one of the more buttery croissants I have had in recent times.

Black Forest Cake   – layers of chocolate cake with cream and cherries filled in-between the layers.   Mr Wasabi found this to be quite nice as the cherries were soaked in kirsch which you can clearly taste

Ice Chocolate – was nothing more than cadbury chocolate served with some cheap vanilla ice cream – I definitely could have made something better than this at home.

Flat White – the coffee took a fair while to be made even though the cafe was not as busy.   definitely no late art here.   Coffee was good but not great.

Definitely recommend the pastry items there.  Not only is there a wide variety to choose from but also affordable and tasty.

Location:  160 Kitchener Road, Milford, Auckland

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  1. hurly says:

    do you love clothes shopping too? you should shoot at top shop, you will like their styles.

  2. hurly says:

    nah you would like it. I know a lot of my friends who like krispy creme also like topshop

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