Airline Review: Air New Zealand Economy – Melbourne to Welington – Works Deluxe

www.misopeckish.comWe departed 30 minutes late due to the poor weather conditions of our inbound flight at its origin airport.   I must admit there is an upside to getting a Works Deluxe seat, which is having that extra space in the middle that is blocked off, providing you additional space to stretch out.


After take off, water was first offered once the seat belt signs came off followed by dinner service with a selection of two offerings:

Chicken Noodle – deep fried chicken pieces w carrot and wheat noodle  served with a room temperature whole wheat bun and a pPndoro ginger slice

Beef Stew with Potato Mash and Cauliflower and Cheese – was average.  The beef was not as tender as it could have been, the cauliflower was over done that when you attempted to pick it up with your fork it would consistently fall off.

Cheese and Crackers were offered. – a large slice of Camembert and cheddar with two two small crackers were provided without any knife or napkins to wipe our hands afterwards.


Food is extremely less than sub standard  I could whip up something more interesting and tasting at home even if they had given me some cooking facilities on board I could have done a better job.   I ate less than half of my meal it was that good.  I am glad I took the initiative to eat something in the lounge prior to boarding, as I know AirNZ short haul food is less than impressive.

We had some issues with the inflight entertainment system where half of the passengers entertainment system did not work so they rebooted the system.  And to be honest my entertainment system was working just fine until the rebooted it and after the reboot my screen froze.  I was offered some seats at the rare of the plane but I know the seat pitch is more cramped and pay extra for a Works Deluxe seat I certainly was not going to move to the back of the plane where my knees would hit the seat in front of me.

This would have to be one of the worst flights I have taken.  I am just glad this is a short haul flight but still paying extra for no added benefit, rubbish food that was below standard,  I definitely do not recommend paying more for a Works Delux seat.    However if you are traveling for work, then by all means make the most of it.  The only upside that I am say about this flight is the friendliness of the crew, trying  to comfort people and to make the flight as enjoyable as possible.

I flew AirNZ a320

Seating configuration: 3×3

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