Dainty Sichuan

www.misopeckish.comI have walked past this place 3 times since being in Melbourne, partly because we cannot find a certainly shop that we are after inside the Emporium shopping mall in Melbourne.  Dainty Sichuan specialises in spicy Sichuan food  which I tend to enjoy and we do not get good Sichuan food back home in Wellington.

Every time we walked past, we were never hungry but since it was our last day in Melbourne I deiced to bite the bullet and give this place a try as I knew I was going to regret it if I did not visit this place, as I knew it could be some time before I would visit Melbourne again.


You can take a seat to decide what you want to order.   Once you have decided what you want, you are then required to pay at the counter in front, where you re then given a number to take back to your table.  Minimum expenditure to pay by credit card is $30, other wise it is cash – which I found extremely annoying.  I was just glad that I had just enough money.

Spicy Beef Noodle Soup – had 3 chills against it thinking that it would be extremely spicy.   – the dish did not take much time to be prepared, cooked and delivered to our table where Mr Wasabi and I shared the bowl of noodles.


The first reaction hat Mr Wasabi made was the thick layer of oil that was floating not he top of the soup.  But then what do you expect from a sichuan noodle dish? no oil? the that would mean no chilli.    sometimes the things he says to me, makes me want to roll my eyes.

The found the noodles to be cooked perfectly.  The level of spice was much milder than I was expecting, but then this is to cater slightly for the local taste buds.    The beef pieces were a mixture of delicious tender bits and bits that are slightly chewy.

Good little cheap eats restaurant if you want something relatively quick and simple.  If you like to get your fix on spicy Sichuan food in a clean environment then give this place a try, though please bare in mind that the food is not as spicy as I would have hoped it to be.

Location:  Lower Ground Level, Emporium Shopping Centre, 287 Lonsdale St, Melbourne, Australia

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