Dessert Story

www.misopeckish.comThere is no visit to Melbourne without a visit to Dessert Story, which is one a few places that sell Taiwanese/Hong Kong desserts to finish the evening with.

The clientele that you normally find here are of Chinese descent consuming something that they could easily get back home.

Having just come back from a very unsatisfied dinner at Hellenic Republic I wanted something to cheer me up, something to finish the evening off.   I suggested something easy and affordable.

Black Sesame Rice Ball in Ginger Soup Рthese delicious glutenous rice balls filled with black sesame paste with a delicious sweet hot ginger soup was something  welcoming to my stomach on this cold evening.

Hong Kong Style Mango Pudding -is one of Mr Wasabi’s favourite Asian desserts espeically when real mangoes are used in the mango pudding with fresh diced mangoes scattered around the mango pudding.

Location:  195 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, Australia

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