Cumulus Up

www.misopeckish.comCumulus Up is the little brother of Cumulus Inc, as per its namesake Cumulus Up is located directly above Cumulus.  Serving tapas style sharing plates.

It is not uncommon for both Mr Wasabi not to be hungry come dinner time, due to the fact that we had been eating all day long.

Sauteed Beans -this dish was not advertised on the menu but we did our neighbouring table eating this, in which we asked our waiter whether we could have  that dish.   The waiter had no hesitation with us ordering that same dish.   The dish consisted of yellow beans, black garlic, sausage, spring onion, chorizo and feta.   The combination may not look very appealing but it certainly was nicely cooked, perfectly seasoned.  the black garlic provided a sweet earthy flavour to the dish

Hangar Steak – the steak was well over done than the requested rare steak. it was more like medium done.  The steak came with a thick peppery sauce.  the accompany bread was fairly salty.  it was the same style bread as the refried bread

Refried Bread – served with mozzarella,tomato and onions.  the crispy refried bread provided a nice crunchy texture to the dish.  the delicious flavours coming from the tomato and the onions.

Grilled king prawn, crème frâche & lemon –  I was not sure what to expect, but certainly was not expecting this.  it was literately a large prawn cut in half, grilled with creme frache. the dish looked boring and was perhaps the least favourite dish of the evening.

Duck Waffle, Foie Gras, Prune – I so wanted this dish and I love foie gras, however due to my dietary requirements.  Though I did taste a bit of the waffle which was nice and crispy.  the foie gras was smooth and creamy

Scotch Pullet Egg, Onion Gravy – Mr Wasabi saw how this was made recently on TV and had not realised how difficult it was to to cook an egg encased inside a meat ball without overcooking the yolk.   the scotched egg was perfectly cooked where the yolk was slightly runny.  Mr Wasabi thoroughly enjoy the scotched egg.  Again due to my dietary requirements I could only eat the meat and not the yolk.  It was nicely seasoned. with a thin crispy coating.

Clementine & Ginger Granita, Vanilla, Maple – I did not know there were mousse/panacotta at the bottom of the dish, we were eating the dessert layer by layer instead of taking spoonfuls from top to bottom to have the full inclusion of all the different layers in each mouthful.   having all the flavours

The food definitely tasted better how it read on the menu.   When we first sat down and looked at the menu, Mr Wasabi was commenting there was very few things on the menu that he would order.  After our meal Mr Wasabi was fairly impress with the dishes and the flavours.     Will definitely return againd

Location:  45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Australia

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