Brother Baba Budan

www.misopeckish.comBrother Baba Budan is a bit of a tongue twister to get around serving up delicious coffee and a small selection of counterfood.

Named after the 17th-century Sufi who smuggled seven seeds of coffee out of the Middle-East and brought coffee to the World

The space is small, with a single communal table, a tiny bar and a total of about 15 seats (not including the ones on the ceiling); Budan is, predominately, a takeaway spot.

Flat White – smooth and delicate.  Quite a nice tasting coffee, which I now understand why this place is very popular with the coffee goers

Decaf Iced Coffee – vanilla bean ice cream served with a couple shots of decaf espresso and milk.  – coffee was smooth the vanilla bean ice cream was more like a vanilla bean gelato where it was slightly icy but creamy.  It was pretty good that Mr Wasabi helped himself to half of the ice cream.  It had the right amoutn of sweetness that did not over power my ice coffee too much with that sugary substance

Location:  359 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne, Australia

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