Krispy Kreme

www.misopeckish.comIs one of my favourite doughnut outlets.   I was first introduced to these delicious buttery, fatty goodness when I was living in London.   One of my must go to places to get doughnut fix is Krispy Kreme, always serving consistently good doughnuts.

Original Glazed –  Even though this doughnut is simple, it is also my favourite doughnut.   Get right to the chase without frolicking around with any fillings.   These are best when they are fresh and soft.  with a nice fatty taste to it.

Apple Crumble – looks like chopped nuts covered doughnut but in fact it is a crumble with a nice apple filling.  the doughnut itself is what you would expect from Krispy Kreme – extremely soft.  as you bite into the doughnut the filling oozes out with every mouthful.

Doughtnuts vary in prices and tend to be cheaper when you buy in bulk ie by the dozen.  Good selection of fillings to choose from.  Krispy Kreme doughnuts are avaible at many seven/11 stores, though I went to the outlet on Swanston street which is basically a hole in the wall doughnut shop in the middle of the CBD.

Location:  55 Swanston Street, Melbourne

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  1. hurly says:

    Have you tried dunkin donut? are they similar? I think those are good, i eat one a day every day

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