Mari Luca

www.misopeckish.comMari Luca is the combination of the  owners childerns names.   Which was the form Maria Pia’s many many years ago.    For some reason I had been craving for Italian food, so we headed off to Maria Luca, since both Mr Wasabi and I had not dine here ever.

We made a reservation 10 minutes before hand to check that there was a table free.    Mr Wasabi ordered a couple of starters and a main each.

Seasonal Special – Whitebait w Pasta Strings  thin round pasta that is cut to the size of the whitebait.  Was very nice though fairly expensive at $27 which is basically the price of main.  If you do come here and you love whitebait and pasta and do not mind the price tag, I would definitely recommend you give this dish a try.

Suppli al Telefono – Tomato & basil risotto balls with stringy mozzarella – was a disappointment. I did not see any basil what so ever nor did I find any stringy mozzarella in my risotto ball that I was expecting. I could definitely taste some cheese but certainly a far cry to what I was expecting.

Pappardelle alla Norma Large pasta ribbons with braised duck sauce the pasta itself was the highlight of the dish. the duck and the sauce was  ok but not great…  If you left the pasta to cool down you could see the sauce solidifying, I would hate to know how much fat went into making hte sauce for this dish.   the pasta was smooth and silky and cooked to al dente.  At first  i thought this dish would not fill me by looking at the serving size but it certainly was very filling.. I had to offer Mr Wasabi a good portion of my dish.

Saltimbocca a’ la Romana – Veal scaloppine with Parma ham and sage  – I did not enjoy this dish as much. it had lacked flavour that I was expected.  the sauce was bland and the veal and no seasoning what so ever, except for the faint saltiness coming from the parma ham.

Great place if you are after some decent freshly made pasta.    My preference from the two main dishes that we ordered is to go for the pasta rather than the ‘mains’

Location: 55-57 Mulgrave Street, Thorndon, Wellington

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