www.misopeckish.comThere seems to be a fad within Wellinton for the past few months where everyone has jumped on the band wagon serving the popular Vietnamese street food the Banh Mi, whic his a Vietnamese filled baguette generally served with some sort of protein, pate and salad.  Ngon is the new comer to the Wellington Vietnamese food scene locked in the CBD, which is in my humble opinion a good welcome for something different.

I decided to visit this place after walking past this eatery a few times and had been curious how their food rated against the likes of more popular Vietnamese eateries in Wellington.

Ngon offers a small selection of communal tables.  It is not a very large establish but has enough seating for individuals or small groups of friends catching up over a lunch, though not large enough to cater for large groups.


The menu is very short with the usual pho, banhi mi, various salads which are all made to order.   You place your order at the counter and then wait for your meal to arrive.


Ngon is open  for breakfast, offering a coffee and a selection of baked products which seems to be sourced from The French Cancan and  house baked goodies.

As I was waiting for my meal to arrive, one of the staff members brought over a ‘long’ banhi mi, which I clearly told him that I ordered the pork with noodles.   It took the staff several attempts before he managed to find the correct owner of the banh mi.

There was quite a long wait for my dish, even though it was quite a simple dish, food here is all cooked to order and the menu is small yet simple.

Grilled Pork on Rice Noodles – was a very small dish and I was famished.  The dish did not satisfy my hunger, and ended up going elsewhere fora second bite.  There were roughly 5 mouthful of noodles and a few bits of grilled pork with a very light flavouring of lemongrass and a lot of ginger.

Service was exceptionally slow, even though I popped in before the lunch time rush, there were plenty of staff members on hand who seemed that they did not know a lot.

Not the best nor the most authentic Vietnamese food in Wellington, though if you were looking for something healthy and light, then I would recommend this place to you. However if want a decent serving of Vietnamese at a reasonable price I would recommend going elsewhere.

Location:  101 Lambton Quay, Wellington

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  1. Ngon says:

    Hello Miso, I have just found this review. It concerns me that your experience at Ngon was not the experience that we attempt to give our customers. Please mention to one of our staff, if you are unhappy with the food or service. We do our best to get everything right all the time. It is concerning the day you came this was not to your standards. I encourage you to come back and try us again.

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